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GIS Consulting Service

Mapleaps has extensive experience in GIS application/service design, development. and consulting in all levels of government and private sectors such as logistics, water resource management, gas/oil pipeline, and transportations.

Mapleaps specializes in custom build solutions and development of desktop, web-based, cloud-based, 2D/3D geographical information systems.

Smarter Fleet System

Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles and helicopters for smart fleet management allows you to see the live location of your vehicles and assets at all times.

Integrated  with GeoFences ( for example Esri’s GeoFence), you’ll be automatically alerted if your vehicles or assets unexpectedly move outside of working hours or across your yard’s perimeter so you can take immediate action to stop theft. Integrated with streaming server ( for example, GeoEvent Server), the location information will be streaming to customers,  dispatchers and integrated dashboard, etc.

integrated with camer, weather event service and telematics devices from Samsara, etc. the smart fleet system allows you to have a holistic view of your fleet’s locations so you can efficiently manage your vehicles to improve your revenue. But it’s through combining real-time GPS with other real-time data—like harsh events, preventative maintenance alerts (tire information), and driver HOS—that you can truly maximize the efficiency, safety, and health of your entire fleet.

Water/wastewater pipeline management system

Our experts have extensive experience in building a web-based Asset Location System for water and Sanitary Pipeline network to help our clients to manage their assets and facility. This system helps the staff to maintain the water and sanitary assets such as pipelines, manholes, sensors, and cameras.

Spatial/time Parcel/Tax Jurisdiction Database Management

Spatial – time Parcel data management is for local residents to manage property footprint and tax information. Tax Jurisdiction/boundary management is for public users to search and look up their Local Sale Tax by inputting the address. The State Department of Comptroller of Public Accounts is responsible for the tax collection.

Coordinate different levels of government to collect this information. GIS database and ArcGIS Parcel Fabric are used to manage the data.

2D/3D Digital Mining Asset/Facility Management

3D digital mining asset management system is an integrated intelligent system to visualize,  monitor, and manage mining artifacts, facilities, and environment for real-time.

this platform is to build a virtual 3D mining scene using 3D GIS, communication, sensor network, and IT technologies. Within this scene, the terrain of the site, rocks, coal and water resources, building on the ground, tunnels underground, machines, and staff are well dynamically managed and monitored.  For example, all the staff can be displayed in real-time in this scene. Tunnel safety information such as gas, CO, CH4 can be real-time monitored so that the early warning alert can be sent to the decision-making staff.

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