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Satellite Mapping System

Mapleaps provides a wide range of high-quality professional and custom satellite mapping services, with end-to-end capability from upstream data acquisition, to midstream data processing, to downstream data analysis. Mapleaps is establishing global partnerships with satellite data suppliers, maintains a vast internal archive of products, and offers flexible licensing options.

Satellite Imagery Processing Workflow

Industry-leading software features



Convert the downlinked raw satellite data into level-1 consumable by our own and also third-party software systems. Sophistic radiometric correction including flat-fielding, MTF, PSF to calibrate at aperture radiometry.

Perform comprehensive photogrammetric processing: automatic marking of tie points and control points, high performant aerial triangulation to obtain most accurate imaging geometry, automatically extract dense surface points, intelligent points filtering, orthorectification, and true orthorectification, color balancing and dehaze, image mosaicking.

Digital Surface Models (DSM)



Mapleaps offers off-the-shelf high-resolution Digital Surface Models (DSM) derived from high accuracy satellite imagery.  The DSM is readily available and can be used for mapping, planning, and analysis in a wide range of industries. The consistency and positional accuracy make this DSM an ideal data source for automatic feature extraction and machine learning applications.

High-accuracy Ortho/True Ortho imagery


Mapleaps provides quality imagery with high positional accuracy with high resolution. The system is a powerful and specialized processing system that provides you with efficient distributed-processing techniques, in combination with modern computer hardware and automated workflows to produce high-quality ortho/true ortho images from various satellite scanners. 

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