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  • Mapleaps has rich experience from field data acquisition and processing to GIS data management, especially in satellite/aerial mapping solutions, mobile mapping solutions, as well as GIS application development and consulting. Our services focus on several business domains in logistics, transportation, water resource management, the gas/oil industry, and all levels of government in the department of public safety and transportation etc.

Satellite Mapping Solutions

Mapleaps' innovations in photogrammetry, image alignment, and mosaicking are helping our customers deliver high quality and accurate ortho-mosaics and DEMs. Customers can either use our off-the-shelf workflows or build your own with our Python API and powerful QA/QC tools.

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Mobile Mapping Solutions

Accurate point cloud creation Boundaries are delineated with high precision, resulting in denser and more accurately correlated point clouds. Fast processing Effectively utilizing available resources and production output with distributing processing over multiple cores or processing nodes. Multi-source data processing DSM generation with cross-sensor satellite imagery or areas covered by multiple scenes captured by different sensors.

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GIS Consulting Service

Mapleaps has extensive experience in GIS application/service design, development. and consulting in all levels of government and private sectors such as logistics, water resource management, gas/oil pipeline, and transportations.

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We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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